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NFL Stands for National FootBall League.

NFL – National FootBall league (NFL), major U.S. professional gridiron football organization, founded in 1920 in Canton, Ohio, because the American Professional Football Association. Its first president was Thorpe , an impressive American athlete who was also a player in the league. This name was adopted in 1922.

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The NFL’s past ( National FootBall League )

The league began play in 1920 and comprised five brigades from Ohio( Akron Pros, Canton Bulldogs, Cleveland Barracuda, Columbus mendicants, and Dayton Triangles), four brigades from Illinois( Chicago Barracuda, Decatur Staley’s, Racine Cardinals( the Cardinals were grounded in Chicago but took the name of a original road), and Rock Island Independents), two from Indiana( Hammond Pros and Muncie pamphlets). Of these original votes, only two remain; the Cardinals left Chicago forSt. Louis after the 1959 season and dislocated to Arizona in 1988; the Decatur Staley’s moved to Chicago in 1921 and a time later changed their name to the Bears.

The NFL survived numerous times of insecurity and competition from rival associations to become the strongest American professional football league. The most serious challenge to its commanding part came from the American Football League( AFL) in the 1960s. The NFL and AFL completed a junction in 1970, creating a 26- platoon circuit under the name of the aged NFL. Since that time, the league has grown four times, gaining six additional votes.

National FootBall League

Teams in NFL :

These are the 32 teams in the league, in order:

National Football Conference (NFC)

NFC East: Washington Commanders, Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants.

NFC North: Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Detroit Lions.

NFC South: Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons.

NFC West: Seattle Seahawks, Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers, Los Angeles Rams.

American Football Conference (AFC)

AFC East: New York Jets, New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills.

AFC North: Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals, Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns.

AFC South: Indianapolis Colts, Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans.

AFC West: Los Angeles Chargers, Kansas City Chiefs, Denver Broncos, Las Vegas Raiders.

National FootBall League

NFL Season and Playoffs

In the current NFL season( 2021), each platoon plays seventeen games and has one week off called a bye week. The top 7 brigades from each conference get into the playoffs with the top platoon in each conference getting a bye the first week. The playoffs are single- elimination. The final two brigades meet up in the Super Bowl.

What are the rules to play NFL ? ( National Football League )

  • In the NFL, brigades are made up of 46 men, with 11 players always on the field.
  • The field measures 100 yards by 53 yards and has two endzones of 10 yards each.
  • The field’s white markers make it easier for players, officials, and spectators to follow the action.
  • The game starts with a kickoff. The team that has the ball is referred to as the offence, while the team that doesn’t have it is the defence.
  • The job of the offense is to move the ball up the field and score points.
  • Running forward with the ball or throwing it up the field for a teammate to catch are two options for accomplishing this.
  • 4 opportunities (or downs) are provided to the offence to gain at least 10 yards.
  • The offence will keep control of the ball and receive an additional four downs to gain another 10 yards if they are successful in moving the ball at least 10 yards.
  • You’ll see this image on your TV screen. You can see what down the team is in and how many yards they still need to gain by looking at this. They will also display the lines they must cross to make their downs if you are viewing this on television.
  • The defense’s job is to stop the offense moving the ball forwards by tackling. This involves yanking them to the ground, impeding their progress, or ejecting them from the playing area.
  • The ball is turned over to the opposing team at that point if the offence is unable to advance the ball 10 yards in 4 downs.
  • The ball is turned over to the opposing team at that point if the offence is unable to advance the ball 10 yards in 4 downs.
  • The opposing team’s attacking players will then be added, and they will attempt to move the ball in the opposite direction so they may score.
  • The teams typically field three units of 11 players, each of which enters the field at a separate moment. They include:
    • The Offense.
    • The Defense.
    • Special Teams.
  • Touchdown: A touchdown is the major way to score. A touchdown is scored and is worth six points if the ball is carried into the endzone or is tossed and caught there.
  • Extra points: Once a touchdown has been scored, you can attempt to pass the ball or run with it instead of kicking it through the uprights for an additional point. into the end zone once more for two more scores.
  • Field Goal: The team in possession of the ball always has the option to kick it between the uprights and over the crossbar. A successful kick scores 3 points.
  • Safety: The defending team receives two points if the defence stops an offensive player behind his own goal line.
  • Penalty: Referees will wave flags onto the field if a player disobeys one of the regulations. They will determine who made the foul and how many yards his team should be penalized.
  • Challenge: Red flags can be thrown into the field by coaches who disapprove of field decisions. After then, the prior play will be examined, and if the challenge is successful, the decision made on the field is overturned. If the challenge is rejected and the decision is the field stands, they forfeit one timeout.
  • Timeouts: A team is permitted three time-outs every half to stop the clock in order to refocus, take a break, or debate strategy. Each time out lasts 60 seconds. At halftime, there is a 12-minute break for the athletes.

What is Fantasy football ?

With NFL haters, fantasy football has become incredibly popular. In this game, losers create their own leagues with their friends and family and recruit players for their brigades. Each team member selects players for various positions, such as running back and quarterback. Each week, points are awarded to players based on various statistics like yards gained and touchdowns. Whoever finishes that week with the most overall points wins.

National FootBall League

Facts to Know About the NFL

  • Helmet use was not mandated for NFL players until 1943.
  • In 1932, the Chicago Bears played in 6 ties.
  • Over $5 million was spent on a 30-second commercial for the 2021 Super Bowl.
  • The Super Bowl is regularly watched by more than 100 million people each year. Around 14,500 tones of chips are consumed!
  • One of the most valuable sports franchises in the world, the Dallas Cowboys are valued at over $5 billion.
  • The only brothers that have won MVP awards for the Super Bowl are Eli and Peyton Manning.
National FootBall League

Previous Winner list of NFL Super Bowl

YearNumberWinnerRunner UpFinal ScoreLocationAttendanceWinners ShareMVP
2022LVI (56)Los Angeles RamsCincinnati Bengals23-20Los Angeles70,048$150,000Cooper Kupp
2021LV (55)Tampa Bay BuccaneersKansas City Chiefs31-9Tampa24,835$130,000Tom Brady
2020LIV (54)Kansas City ChiefsSan Francisco 49ers31-20Miami62,417$124,000Patrick Mahomes
2019LIII (53)New England PatriotsLos Angeles Rams13-3Atlanta70,081$118,000Julian Edelman
2018LII (52)Philadelphia EaglesNew England Patriots41-33Minneapolis67,612$112,000Nick Foles
2017LI (51)New England PatriotsAtlanta Falcons34-28Texas70,807$107,000Tom Brady
2016L (50)Denver BroncosCarolina Panthers24-10California71,088$97,000Von Miller
2015XLIX (49)New England PatriotsSeattle Seahawks28-24Arizona70,288$97,000Tom Brady
2014XLVIII (48)Seattle SeahawksDenver Broncos43-8New Jersey82,529$92,000Malcolm Smith
2013XLVII (47)Baltimore RavensSan Francisco 49ers34-31New Orleans71,024$88,000Joe Flacco
2012XLVI (46)New York GiantsNew England Patriots21-17Indianapolis68,658$88,000Eli Manning
2011XLV (45)Green Bay PackersPittsburgh Steelers31-25Texas91,060$83,000Aaron Rodgers
2010XLIV (44)New Orleans SaintsIndianapolis Colts31-17Miami74,059$83,000Drew Brees
2009XLIII (43)Pittsburgh SteelersArizona Cardinals27-23Tampa70,774$78,000Santonio Holmes
2008XLII (42)New York GiantsNew England Patriots17-14Arizona71,101$78,000Eli Manning
2007XLI (41)Indianapolis ColtsChicago Bears29-17Miami71,101$73,000Peyton Manning
2006XL (40)PittsburghSeattle21-10Detroit68,206$73,000Hines Ward
2005XXXIX (39)New EnglandPhiladelphia24-21Jacksonville78,125$68,000Deion Branch
2004XXXVIII (38)New EnglandCarolina32-29Houston78,125$68,000Tom Brady
2003XXXVII (37)Tampa BayOakland48-21San Diego67,603$63,000Dexter Jackson
2002XXXVI (36)New EnglandSt Louis20-17New Orleans72,922$63,000Tom Brady
2001XXXV (35)BaltimoreNY Giants34-7Tampa71,921$58,000Ray Lewis
2000XXXIV (34)St LouisTennessee23-16Atlanta72,625$58,000Kurt Warner
1999XXXIII (33)DenverAtlanta34-19Miami74,803$53,000John Elway
1998XXXII (32)DenverGreen Bay31-24San Diego68,912$48,000Terrell Davis
1997XXXI (31)Green BayNew England35-21New Orleans72,301$48,000Desmond Howard
1996XXX (30)DallasPittsburgh27-17Arizona76,347$42,000Larry Brown
1995XXIX (29)San FranciscoSan Diego49-26Miami74,107$42,000Steve Young
1994XXVIII (28)DallasBuffalo30-13Atlanta72,817$38,000Emmitt Smith
1993XXVII (27)DallasBuffalo52-17Pasadena72,817$36,000Troy Aikman
1992XXVI (26)WashingtonBuffalo37-24Minneapolis63,130$36,000Mark Rypien
1991XXV (25)NY GiantsBuffalo20-19Tampa73,813$36,000Ottis Anderson
1990XXIV (24)San FranciscoDenver55-10New Orleans72,919$36,000Joe Montana
1989XXIII (23)San FranciscoCincinnati20-16Miami75,129$36,000Jerry Rice
1988XXII (22)WashingtonDenver42-10San Diego73,302$36,000Doug Williams
1987XXI (21)NY GiantsDenver39-20Pasadena101,063$36,000Phil Simms
1986XX (20)ChicagoNew England46-10New Orleans73,818$36,000Richard Dent
1985XIX (19)San FranciscoMiami38-16Stanford84,059$36,000Joe Montana
1984XVIII (18)LA RaidersWashington38-9Tampa72,920$36,000Marcus Allen
1983XVII (17)WashingtonMiami27-17Pasadena103,667$36,000John Riggins
1982XVI (16)San FranciscoCincinnati26-21Pontiac81,270$18,000Joe Montana
1981XV (15)OaklandPhiladelphia27-10New Orleans76,135$18,000Jim Plunkett
1980XIV (14)PittsburghLA Rams31-19Pasadena103,985$18,000Terry Bradshaw
1979XIII (13)PittsburghDallas35-31Miami79,484$18,000Terry Bradshaw
1978XII (12)DallasDenver27-10New Orleans75,583$18,000H. Martin, R. White
1977XI (11)OaklandMinnesota32-14Pasadena103,438$15,000Fred Biletnikoff
1976X (10)PittsburghDallas21-17Miami80,187$15,000Lynn Swann
1975IX (9)PittsburghMinnesota16-6New Orleans80,997$15,000Franco Harris
1974VIII (8)MiamiMinnesota24-7Houston71,882$15,000Larry Csonka
1973VII (7)MiamiWashington14-7Los Angeles90,182$15,000Jake Scott
1972VI (6)DallasMiami24-3New Orleans81,023$15,000Roger Staubach
1971V (5)BaltimoreDallas16-13Miami79,204$15,000Chuck Howley
1970IV (4)Kansas CityMinnesota23-7New Orleans80,562$15,000Len Dawson
1969III (3)NY JetsBaltimore16-7Miami75,389$15,000Joe Namath
1968II (2)Green BayOakland33-14Miami75,546$15,000Bart Starr
1967I (1)Green BayKansas City35-10Los Angeles61,946$15,000Bart Starr

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National FootBall League

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