How to Write Better YouTube Titles & Get More Views!

 One of the best ways to start getting more views on YouTube is by writing better YouTube titles which can boost the click-through rate on your videos and ultimately help you trigger the algorithm and potentially go viral. (Daily Top Trends)

1. Is the title benefit driven?

  One of the problems that business owners, content creators oftentimes make is they actually just focus on the features and not also the benefits. There are features that’s usually the facts about something and then the benefits are what it’s going to do for you. So, consider when you’re writing your next title how can it be benefit driven.

2. Unique and fresh

  You may be under the misconception or myth that meant everyone has done this, this has already been done but the truth is no there’s always a fresh angle on something I think the biggest tips here are trying to use fresh words Google power words or creative words or unique adjectives and just look at lists that are online to try to Power Up titles with some unique language that is different than the average title you’re seeing out there.

3. What are the desires and what are the Ambitions of the viewer

  A really good rule of thumb is the big three, health wealth and relationships tapping into health wealth or relationships and things related to that is going to help. If you can say that this video is going to save you time that’s ultimately health, you’re going to have more peace of mind these are the deeper things they want they want more energy they want more time they want more peace of mind the Creator who understands the viewer best wins. What are the viewers desires and Ambitions what are their biggest problems what keeps them up at night.

4. The title should call out a specific audience

  Here’s a title from Jay Shetty he said If you’re an introvert watch this! great if you’re not identifying with the word introvert well then, you’re probably not going to click, but if you go oh that’s me it’s like a magnet that pulls in a specific audience this is why this is powerful when you actually call out a specific audience of course it’s going to eliminate a lot of people that are potentially clicking you. You’d be surprised you’ll end up going to be performing better when you Niche down the audience in the title because it’s so strongly resonating with a particular type of person.

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5. Agitate a problem the viewer has and make a promise to solve it

  Here’s an example from Twin home experts Black Mold – How we get rid of mold in under three minutes!  man, what a title here’s my problem black mold I want to get rid of it great and then there’s some speed there’s a time frame added there and it’s a fast time frame man I gotta check this out I got a problem and I want to fix it and I want to fix it quick, strong title.

Daily Top Trends - Get More Views!

6. Is the title creates curiosity and it makes you want to click? 

  Heather did a video titled this the Top 10 Secrets You MUST Know Before Starting a Podcast now this is kind of classic, powerful, marketing and attention getting because it’s saying the top 10 Secrets like what are the secrets we are talking to a specific audience and the specific audience would be wanting to start a podcast and then it’s saying here’s some things you must know but I don’t know what the things are.

So, the mystery is that I gotta click on the video and discover that inside of the video one of the things that can hinder your videos is revealing the payoff in the title now there’s maybe a time to do that just being really practical and clear but your goal would ultimately to create a little mystery at times.

Daily Top Trends - Get More Views!

7. It opens a loop and it doesn’t give the video away

  Now again this is a little bit similar to curiosity but here’s our goal is to open a loop. YouTube Employee Reveals New Secrets for Growing Your Channel… Let’s break this down, the first thing here is YouTube Employee this taps into authority okay I’m getting someone from the inside and then the word. Reveals it’s actually a really powerful word because that insinuates mystery. New we as humans we love novelty, we want the new versions. We want the new strategies then you have secrets and that’s more mystery it opens a loop. What are the secrets for, benefit for the viewer growing your channel so your goal here is to kind of make the viewer feel like they’re going to discover something in the video or that there is a mystery to be revealed.

Daily Top Trends - Get More Views!

8. Does it frames up a question viewer has?

  Dave Ramsey had this title, Should I Buy a House or Go to College? One of the potentially simplest ways to put a good title out there is to just title the video as a question and a specific question. In fact, this is very specific but one of the powerful things Dave Ramsey has been he has a call-in show and because he’s actually answering the questions of real people very specific questions are being fed to him. And so how can you just create a title that just answers a question by putting the question in the title.

Daily Top Trends - Get More Views!

9. Taps into fear or pain

  We as people are pretty much driven by two things every day. We want to get away from pain or we want to get closer to pleasure. Here’s the title from Sin City Outdoors Vegas Water Drought!!! What You Should Know Yu can see how these are stacking one question that’s on the minds of people living in Vegas is are we running out of water and there is ultimately some curiosity. I gotta click on this because there’s probably some facts in here some information here that I need to know, but the lead of the title is potential fear and potential pain.

Number One, it’s scary to think that we might run out of water. Number Two, it’ll be incredibly painful not to have water when you understand. What are the fears and the pain that your target viewer, the target audience the community of people you want to reach are your content is going to resonate more.

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