10 Facts About Avril Lavigne | 10 Things You Might Not Know About Avril Lavigne

10 Facts About Avril Lavigne: Avril Lavigne, in full Avril Ramona Lavigne,( born September 27, 1984, Belleville, Ontario, Canada), Canadian songster and tunesmith who achieved great success as a teenager. She was known for a grungy pop- gemstone sound.


In 10 years Avril thought that would be a writer, but seriously began to play in a hockey team with the guys.

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Avril believes that the inspiration to write the song came to her thanks to the Church, as the girl spent a lot of time devoted to performance in the choir.

Radio Competition

At 12 years old Avril won a competition for radio and sang the Canadian city of Ottawa on the same stage with Shana Twain.

10 Facts About Avril Lavigne - DaiyTopTrends

Truth & Dare

Once in school days Avril played “truth or dare” and she had to run in the winter around the house in his underwear.

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Parents guy who once met our Canadian friend, were against their relationship. They felt too restless and wild for their son, which greatly hurt her.

10 Facts About Avril Lavigne - DaiyTopTrends


Our star was not a single guitar lesson – she learned everything myself, somewhere in the region of 12 years.


The singer stopped wearing ties after one day saw an article entitled “to tie a tie, how Avril”, and she doesn’t like when she copes.


Avril says that once during a speech she blew up the microphone, and then left a small scar on her nose which she has to conceal cosmetics.

10 Facts About Avril Lavigne - DaiyTopTrends


Avril does not use perfume because the singer from her migraine, and deodorants scare her risk of getting cancer.


Avril is allergic to bees, that is, their bites are very painful.

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