10 Facts About Adam Lambert | 10 Things You Might Not Know About Adam Lambert

10 Facts About Adam Lambert: Adam Mitchel Lambert( born January 29, 1982) is an American songster and tunesmith. Since 2009, he has vended over 3 million compendiums and 5 million mates worldwide.

Early Life

Adam Mitchel Lambert was born January 29, 1982 in a family of people, introducing art: his mother an interior designer, his father – a painter.

10 Facts About Adam Lambert - DailyTopTrends

Gifted Child

Adam was a gifted child, participated in all school activities and was popular among students, despite the fact that he had a very unattractive appearance.

Musical “Hair”

In 2001, Adam Lambert got the part in the next staging of the legendary musical “Hair”.

At age 21

Lambert lost his virginity at age 21. The first Adam was a man.

10 Facts About Adam Lambert - DailyTopTrends

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Adam Lambert is not only hide their homosexuality, as well as entertains spectators concentration on a small love master classes, where participants are not only fans, but also musicians.

American Idol

In May 2009, Adam Lambert took the second place in the season 9 American Idol, which became the most famous party in the history of the show.

10 Facts About Adam Lambert - DailyTopTrends

kid infantile

Relatives of the singer do not understand how he was able to become a sex symbol since claimed that the singer was a kid infantile baby and crying constantly.

The Leader

Adam enters the ranking of the most influential musicians of gay and takes it in tenth place. Topped the list of Elton John, Freddie Mercury and the leader of the group REM Michal Stipe.

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10 Facts About Adam Lambert - DailyTopTrends


Adan Lambert, known for his outrageousness, prefers to watch movies, mostly related to the freaks and drugs.

$48 Million

Following a stellar fashion, Adam Lambert has insured most favorite part of himself – the voice, which is priced at $48 million.

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